Jun 6, 2008

The wedding cake tasting!

Jamaica's Cakes on Pico. Love Jamaica! www.jamaicascakes.com Adorable young couple from Oregon, has a small shop in West LA. It smells like heaven. They couldn't be nicer. The prices are way reasonable. No need to go anywhere else for baked goods. Ever.

In the picture above you will see the fillings Jamaica brought to us. Lemon curd, lemon mousse, lemon custard, Bavarian cream, chocolate ganache, white chocolate buttercream, peanut butter mousse, strawberry filling, strawberry mousse, raspberry filling, raspberry mousse, cherry filling, cherry mousse, blueberry filling, blueberry mousse, mixed berry mousse, pineapple filling, pineapple mousse, mango filling, mango mousse, and cheesecake frosting.

Then she brought out the cakes: vanilla poundcake, lemon chiffon cake, champagne chiffon cake, chocolate poundcake and red velvet cake. Speechless.
And I don't eat sugar! Thank God Evan is on a temporary sugar allowance and was the brave, brave soldier. He really took one for the team.

He tried. He tasted. He mixed. He questioned. He decided. The wedding cake will be...

Top tier-combination of lemon chiffon and champagne chiffon cake with a lemon curd/Bavarian cream mix on the top and bottom layer, and a raspberry/cheesecake frosting for the middle layer.

Bottom tier-same fillings, but the cake will be a combination lemon and vanilla poundcake. Yippee! That is going to be the rockingest bite of cake I will ever hope to experience.

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