Jun 14, 2008

Pretty much Mexican

Standard chick burrito with veggies, raw and cooked. Nice little side of fresh turkey and beef chili with some cheddar tofu shreds. Days are busy so meals have been simple.

This chicken looks kinda nasty but it tasted good! Nice and juicy organic chicken thighs marinated in lemon and garlic. Whipped yams, veggies and green salad. Everyone wants to look good in their wedding day attire, yes?

Don Antonio's. Apologize for the gore. It was very dark in there and my flash was working too hard to compensate.

Hmmm. My tummy hurt after this one. The chips seemed to be flour, not corn, and were hard and cold. The salsa was okay, had a lot of back heat.

Ev's Burrito Especial. He also had a very stiff margarita. Smelled like a grandpa.

No, this is not brain. This is my chicken burrito minus guac and rice. I like to kind of dissect my burritos and save the cheesiest bean and tortilla bites for last. Issues, I know.

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