Jun 6, 2008

It is June and we are busy

Oh my. We are counting down to the countdown that will be our wedding day AND we're both slammed with work. And Ev's trying to eat healthier. Above is an organic low fat beef burger on a low-carb toasted English Muffin with avocado, organic ketchup, mustard and organic mayo. Sides are lightly steamed green beans and just a few tater tots. A man's gotta have something fun!
Marinated some chicken breasts in a lemon tarragon dressing and baked them slowly. Made a salad with soft boiled eggs, garbanzo beans, shredded tofu cheese and mixed veggies. And a few roasted potatoes. I'm making healthier fare but portions are still kinda large. My bad.
Chicken salad with celery, onions, capers, olives and cilantro. And a lot of mayo. He likes it. I hate it.
Our dear friend, Joe, will be marrying us and we had him over to dinner for some wedding prep talk. I made a new recipe I found in Bon Appetite. Farfalle pasta with balsamic chicken served with caramelized onions and goat cheese over a bed of mixed baby greens. Delish!

Vanilla bean tofu cream with homemade cherry/blueberry sauce. We are honored to be Joe's first wedding!

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