May 25, 2008

Salad days

Sometimes you make a frozen pizza. At least it was an organic frozen pizza with tofu cheese for the lactose intolerant fiance. I added some "turkey pepperoni" (hilarious), some steamed veggies and a green salad.
Crispy chicken round two. I have learned how not to overcook chicken and I am so happy about it! 350 degrees for 30 minutes max. Also made some guacamole, green salad, the ever-present broc/cauliflower and cherries for dessert.

I called this "baked salad". I blanched pea pods, broccoli, carrots and new potatoes in boiling water for two minutes. Drained, put in 425 degree oven with a bit of olive oil, salt, finely minced garlic and onions. When they were cooked through and lightly browned, I mixed them with a bit of tofu cream cheese and butter, and topped with leftover crispy chicken. He cleaned his plate.

Chicken salad with cilantro dressing. I marinated boneless, skinless chicken tenders in a simple vinaigrette and baked away. Fresh guac, tomatoes, celery, cucumber and peppers. The dressing was my new venture; cilantro, olive oil, lemon, lime and orange juice, garlic and a touch of salt. Bright grassy and green, it was excellent!

Salmon salad with the rest of the cilantro dressing. Roasted new potatoes, capers, olives, asparagus and baby greens.

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