May 14, 2008

Ann Arbor Endings and Santa Barbara Beginnings

The bridal shower spread. I forgot to take a photo when it was all pretty. Honestly, I was not feeling well. Horrible headache and what I thought was lingering jet lag. Not the best traveler am I.

We had marinated chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, cheese platter, hummus, veggies, pita, roasted green beans and potatoes with garlic, fruit salad, berry pie, coconut cream pie, macaroons, mini cream horns and leftover lemon mousse cake. Gorgeous gorging.
Lunch with Claire at Afternoon Delight. A bit of an Ann Arbor landmark, if you will. I partook in the salad bar and forgot to shoot the food before I ate the food. The homemade bread was especially tasty.

After lunch we went bridesmaid dress shopping. Claire is a good sport and professional bridesmaid. I only hire the best.

The next day I woke up with a horrible cold and did not think to photograph a gosh darn thing. So mad when I get sick on a vacation. The same thing happened to me at Christmas! I think it's my body's way of forcing me to relax.

So I hung out with mom for two days watching Baby Story, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway and Oprah. We finished addressing the wedding invitations and stopped at Dimo's deli on the way to the post office.

Dimo's is the best. A no frills joint run by a big Greek bear named Nick (I think it's Nick, and I think he's Greek...but I could be very wrong). He yells at everyone and after a few visits you realize this is his way of loving the customers. Really! I try to get there whenever I visit and when he says "hey lady, are you gonna get your food or what", I know I am home. Sigh.

They bake the bread fresh daily. Awesome. I had a grilled turkey sandwich on rye and mom had a chicken wrap. My most favorite thing from Dimo's is mama's lentil soup, which is only made in the winter. And no, she won't give me the recipe.

The next day I flew back to LA. Still sniffly and congested, Ev and I headed to Santa Barbara straight from LAX for a weekend retreat.

Here's lunch. Chicken, some sort of veggie ragu, Caesar salad and garlic bread sticks. I should have eaten more. It was the best meal they served.

The company was outstanding. Magical weekend.

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