May 14, 2008

The beginning of the "lamb dinner". We have a long tradition of lamb dinners in my family which began with my grandma. Or maybe it began before her, but that was before me so...don't really know.

Lolly prepared a baked yam dish with fresh orange, cinnamon and pecans. Yum.

The lamb dinner. The problem with this dinner was that my mom had worked tirelessly for weeks. Planning and prepping and shopping for the big party on Saturday. Why lamb dinner the night before? Why indeed. Mom had to have a time out. She is the hardest working M.O.B. (mother of bride) I know.

Dinner was delish though. Leg of lamb, mashed potatoes, yams, steamed asparagus and egg custard topped with fruit salad.

After the lamb dinner meltdown, we had lemon mousse cake (a huge hit). The cake topper is from my grandparents wedding in the 1940's. May use it. Very special.
Pre-shower pizza. Cuz everyone was hungry.

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