Dec 8, 2010

Showering The Baby

The Spread

The Cake (Jamaica's Cakes)

Beautiful, organic veggies. Thanks, Melinda!

Melinda and Husband. Happy little eaters.

Elysia, me and Marnie looking at the AMAZING baby book Samantha put together. No words, Sammie. And yes, I sit like a line backer right now. Don't judge.

Lovely neighbors Yvonne and Mary, sandwiching uncle Jerry.


The cutest family that ever was. The Valleros. Joe, Loretta, Joey and Emarie. They make it look easy.

Grant on guitar and Austin holding court with his grandpa.

From left; Steve, Suzanne (holding Cookie), Kelly, Rachel, Elysia and Marnie

Baby Ann Arbor t-shirt. Too big to be his first outfit...

Starting a book collection

There's a baby in there

Beautiful album from best Sis-in-Law, Angie!

Thanks for the bouquet, Laura! We've enjoyed it all week.

Halloween's covered.

Frog bathrobe. Big pimpin'. Pretty smile, Kathryn!

Clothes, clothes, clothes!


We love you all! Thank you so much for loving and supporting our growing family.

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