Nov 29, 2010

Giving Thanks, Ohio Style

Aunt Shano looking fabulous in purple with her giant pumpkin.

The table.

Snuggling with mom.

Dad in his Burberry shirt and Husband in his Burberry scarf, courtesy of mom.


Sister giving Ian some love.

Beautiful Molly.

Dad lost his ring the last time he was in Ohio. Someone found it and left it in the Fuller's mailbox. This is the second time my dad has lost a wedding ring and it was mysteriously found and returned. What does that mean?

Meredith getting the table ready for the big meal.

Husband saying something witty.

Pregnant lady meditating on pumpkin and replacing her electrolytes.

It takes a village to make Thanksgiving happen.

Shano and Meredith. Yes, that's a shotgun. Welcome to the Midwest.

Sister taking a break.

Gingerbread decorating! I like just a little bit of cookie with my frosting.

These were my creations. I was impressed with myself. Decorating patience must be part of nesting...

My gingerbread baby.

More diapers!

Sister turns 29, and we have another excuse to consume mass amounts of sugar.

Reddiwhip on sheet cake? Totally normal.

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