Aug 8, 2010


I was so excited to go the farmer's market this morning.  The sky was overcast, and I walked from home with my big red produce bag slung across my growing belly.  Once there, I stocked up on freshly shucked corn, heirloom tomatoes and baby yellow and orange melons.

My friend Amy told me about the pupusas here, so I decided that would be breakfast.  I'd heard of pupusas but had never tasted them.  As instructed, I ordered one vegetable and cheese.

Mistress of the grill.  I knew these were going to be good; there was a line at 9:30am.

A complete meal for three bucks, y'all.  The pupusa is not a wispy little thing either, it had heft, and was piping hot.  Served with a cabbage salad, fresh salsa and avocado.  I ventured across the street and sat on the steps of an elementary school to people watch and listen to my Good Food podcast while I enjoyed my meal.

So so so so good!  The corn masa was crisp on the outside, tender on the inside and brimming with thinly shaved squash, carrots, maybe spinach (?), and a creamy, slightly salty cheese.  The salsa was just spicy enough and the bitterness of the raw cabbage balanced it all perfectly.  I know what Sunday breakfast is going to look like for a LONG time to come.

Now I want to make these for my clients!  I think they would reheat beautifully....

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