Jul 29, 2010

A Catering Love Fest

Lisa and Tiffany prepping away

The Dream Team:  Tiffany Wu, Lisa Levine, and Jenny Park

I'm so white I match my chef's coat


Lisa was our Grilling Goddess.  She did not disappoint.  Both the chicken and the lamb were perfection.

Chunky Avocado Salad on Corn Tortillas

The Pigs In A Blanket were the runaway hit, as guaranteed by my client. He wasn't kidding!

Tomato and Basil Crostini

I don't think last night could ever happen again.  The house, the clients, the guests, and my fellow chefs were all just SO GOOD (save for one lady guest who hovered and insulted, complaining about no food being available during the business presentation- can't please 'em all).  Everyone helped and supported and enjoyed and embraced the whole experience.  I'm completely inspired to cook all over again, and it's so ironic to be carrying a baby at the same time.  I'm over the moon to be a mama, and at the same time, am more excited by my career than ever.  Gotta trust the process and believe there will be room for both!

Here was the menu in it's entirety:

Chunky Avocado Salad on Corn Tortillas with Cilantro   

Crostini with Marinated Tomatoes and Basil       

Baked Gorgonzola and Walnut Stuffed Dates        

Deconstructed Asian Chicken Lettuce Cups

Greek Salad Kebabs                        

Pigs in a Blanket               

Lamb Skewers with Mint Yogurt Dipping Sauce   

Thai Chicken Satay Skewers with Peanut Dipping Sauce   

Apricot and Walnut Phyllo Cups   

Rocky Road Fudge                           

Cream Puffs                           

Fresh Berry Salad                            

I was really proud of most of the dishes, and a few were I think of as learning experiences.  Serving 12 dishes for a single party is no small feat, and overall I am happy with how everything turned out.  The chunky avocado salad, the dates and both meats I would rate as craveable.  None of us even got to taste the pigs in a blanket, they were snarfed in warp speed.  I guess there's a reason they've been beloved since the 1950's...now I want a hot dog.  Buh bye!

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  1. Enjoyed every moment. Craving those dates agaih... must get a shopping list together.... cream cheese, gorgonzola, dates.... nom nom nom! :)