May 13, 2010

388 Calorie Oreo "Blizzard"

This isn't really a recipe.  More like an assembly.

Because I'm not a "bite of this, sip of that" kind of girl, I'm always looking for a way I can eat a lot and still fit in my clothes.  I discovered Arctic Zero at Whole Foods, and although it is not bad on it's own, it's a bit like eating icy hot chocolate air.  I had to sex it up.  Some call this being a "food pharmacist".  I call it art.

I started by whipping the hell out of it in my trusty Ninja, which gives it the illusion of creamy.

Next up:  four Dairy Free, Gluten Free Newman-O's (they taste exactly like Oreos with a little less crap in them).

Aaaaahhhh (angels singing)!  I'm sure this has no nutritive value, but it is a way to inhale a pint of creamy, chocolatey frozen goodness sans guilt.  It's also a great way to stretch the value of four little cookies.  I'm all about stretching.

This is only the beginning.  A swirl of chunky peanut butter (or any nut butter), frozen chunks of banana, coconut, caramel sauce...what would you mix in?

1 comment:

  1. Looks good and at least your getting a lot of whey protein from the Arctic zero.