Dec 6, 2009

Day Of Rest

This is where I'm hangin' today.  Bed.  Some winter weather has hit Santa Monica, and it is most delicious to bundle up and watch Christmas food shows all day.

I never let myself do this (be lazy) and today is not without some guilty feelings.  I must remind myself that I am a VERY hard worker, and have had a very busy weekend, and taking one day to recharge, read food blogs and do some stretchy yoga at home makes for a perfectly fabulous Sunday.

So there.

Husband is spending the day with his best friend, Dirk, playing video soccer and working on their numerous screenplays.  They've been friends for over twenty years, and Dirk and I actually share the same birthday:  August 24th!  Bizarre.

I'm going to make Carne Asada for dinner.  This is a first for me and I think I'm going to loosely follow this recipe.

Life is good.  It's so good and it makes me cry.  Why?  Grateful, scared it will "go away", scared I will "screw it up".  I'm just going to sit here in bed and take it all in:  wonderful husband, beautiful, extraordinary stepson, lovely home, jobs and clients I LOVE, family I CHERISH.

Loving is the whole point, no?  And it's delicious and heartbreaking to love this much, me thinks.

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