Nov 18, 2009

Yogurt Love, Cookies, & A Christmas Tree. It Was A Good Day.

Yogurt love on black.  Powerful.  Dramatic.  Not entirely appropriate for daytime eats.


Whipped up a batch of Guilty Vegan Peanutty Chews for my little Samantha.  She's currently on modified bed rest, but we are hoping the Doc will release her very, very soon!


I decorated today.  So funny, because husband and I go "home" (Ann Arbor) for Christmas every year, I always threaten to not decorate, which is hilarious because there is nothing I love more than a sparkly Christmas tree.  Now, I have done the decorating and it's all I can do not to sleep on the couch so I can stare at the darn tree all night after staring at it all day.

Click here to view my little Christmas decor photo shoot.  Must take some night shots, that's where the real magic happens.  Ho ho ho.

Wednesday workout:  4 mile run at 6:30am, which is a HUGE feat after my many weeks of waking late after not sleeping through the night.  Good on me.

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