Nov 11, 2009

Ugh. Patience is a virtue. My lighting skills are lacking...

I'm pretty happy with this one.  It helps that I have some natural light to work with.

This is husband's hot roast beef sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin with chips.  Lovely.


Florescent orange lamb stew.  Hmph.  This is happening because:

  • It's dark outside
  • The pictures look okay in the view finder
  • I'm hungry and impatient
  • I'm not willing to read the bloody manual


I am getting some nice steam action.


Turkey meatloaf



Turkey loaf with tots.


Mine:  cucumber, broccoli, cheese, nuts, a Luna bar (Macadamia Nut) and a Zone Perfect bar (strawberry)

Wednesday workout:  45 minutes on the elliptical at Gold's Gym

I'm back to the super anxiety ridden, not sleeping, eating in the middle of the night routine.  I have this entrepreneurial spirit that doesn't match my delicate nervous system.  Oh me.

I went to see my super lovely friend, Samantha, today for some sorely needed girl time.  She has a little tiny bun in the oven and I have decided I am going to take advantage of her bed rest and hang with her on a very regular basis.  I'm going to feed her macaroni and cheese and and bitch about my problems and discuss how wonderful our respective Aquarius husbands are.


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