Nov 16, 2009

Roasted Is My Favorite

Got my personal chef on again today.  Click here, get hungry.

In other news, husband got a corn dog, baked beans and chips at some point over the weekend.


Husband went on a Whole Foods run after hanging with his son on Saturday.  Impressed.  He called me to see if I wanted anything (translation:  did I want to have "dessert for dinner", which has become a semi-regular occurrence for me, for good or ill I'm not sure) but I did not get his message. 

He came home with ice cream for him, some stevia drinks for us, and a lemon tart and lemon cheesecake thing for me.  Now, I had consumed a quart of ice cream the night before, so having dessert for dinner did not sound balanced even to a crazy lady like me.  Luckily, I wouldn't have picked either dessert for myself, so they did not call to me at 2am on Sunday, and husband has since consumed them.


Some beautiful heirloom tomatoes from my garden Trader Joe's.  I'm sure these came from halfway around the world because it is November...husband wants his tomato!

It is 4:24pm and I have not yet worked out.  Hoping to get my butt on a yoga mat soonish.  Might need to pop up to make dinner in between vinyasas. 

Sunday workout:  Spinning with Eva Barrington at Gold's Gym in Venice
Saturday workout: 3 mile sunset run once my ice cream stomach settled
Friday workout:  Hardcore with Eva (love my Eva)

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