Oct 6, 2009

Some Foods

After too many of these meals, which I love, but come on, Mandy...


Greek yogurt, strawberries and organic peanut butter pows.  Again.


Sometimes you need to have cake for dinner.  I got two mini cakes from Whole Foods:  Carrot and Coconut.  Tasted good, felt guilty afterwards, which results in more Greek yogurt and cereal meals.  Oye.



Cornbread muffin leftover from a birthday party we just came home from.  Our super talented friend, Tom, celebrated his 45th birthday at The Gumbo Pot at the LA Farmer's Market.  I had jambalaya and collard greens, which tasted awesome!  So spicy and it was a beautiful Fall evening.  We love you, Tom!

I had my cornbread with husband (he had some strawberry ice cream and a couple of GV double chocolate cookies).

Monday workout:  super fast 2 mile run before cake dinner

Tuesday workout:  40 minutes elliptical at Gold's Gym and some ab work


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