Oct 14, 2009

Husband Gets The Jar

It's raining in LA today, so I figured husband would be wanted something in the grilled cheese and tomato soup ballpark, but he wanted a Green Monster (which have become browner and browner as I add more unsweetened cocoa powder for chocolate loving husband).

Today I finished the almond butter and decided to give husband some of his Green Monster in the jar so he could scoop out the last bits.  He likey.




Mine:  cucumber, strawberry Yogurt Love and a Luna bar.  I also had to capture my adorable little foodie erasers my dear friend Melinda gifted me with.  Must find a spot to display...

Wednesday workout:  40 minutes strength training with resistance band and weights.  Did this in the living room as I watched the rain pour down on our new welcome mat.  Wish I would have remembered to bring it in...

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