Sep 7, 2009

What I was doing on September 7th, 2008

So we're moved in and I haven't photographed our food in over 24 hours because I feel jet lagged from exhaustion, but in a good way?!

We LOVE our place and I promise to take pics of our home making progress soon (we should be getting our bed delivered tomorrow-new bed people-we have been sleeping on a mattress and box spring since we were living in sin in 2005).

I also promise to bring back the food porn tomorrow (or maybe tonight). We are getting ready to get our chicken on with Versailles and tomorrow I'm going to christen my new kitchen with some chocolate midnight cookie testing.

Here is what I was doing exactly one year ago today. Sad to say the soda and caffeine are back, although not as crazy with it as I once was...but almost.

Labor Day workout: unpack, recycle, trash, repeat. Great for hamstrings and biceps.

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