Sep 10, 2009

Tales (And Meals) From The Move

Woah. Just like my life (and my new home) Blogger is acting up, and acting strange.  For some reason I can't enter text in between photos...okay, fine, just like everything else at the moment, it seems the best course of action is to just go with it.

As you can see, meals have been odd, and many I have not photographed out of shame (A LOT of pizza, like, a whole lot of pizza, but I did have broccoli with it...).  We've unpacked and organized and cleaned and Goodwilled our little hearts out.  Then the dryer broke.  And the shower door broke.  And the sink broke.  And the tub stopper broke.  And the stove broke.

The good news is, our landlady and her man have been awesome and responsive and worked so hard to make everything right.  And it's funny because husband and I are both super type A's and as soon as we get the house in some sort of order, five workmen with dirty boots and cables come in and kick up all kinds of chaos.

In other news, husband is busy wiring everything within an inch of its life; every room has a computer monitor which is hooked to a TV which is hooked to a phone...I swear I think he's gonna be able to close business deals, order lunch, watch tennis and seduce me simultaneously.  He's brilliant and it's all kind of fasinating but can we say "cords for days and days"?  Yes, we can.

Back to the food for a sec.  The puree photos you see are veggie purees.  I was testing some recipes for a client who is on a strict diet and wanted a lesson on using her food processor and also some ideas for interesting pureed soups.  I tried a roasted cauliflower soup, curried zucchini soup, carrot soup and broccoli puree with white beans.  The carrot was the best, and it was the simplest; carrots, onion, garlic, vegetable stock and lemon juice.  I added a drizzle of really nice olive oil just before serving and it was delicious.

So yeah, I've been on a carb fest.  Bars and cookies (Guilty Vegan, obvi) and pizza.  Also running and sweating all day moving  boxes around and crying when the sink backs up.  It's hard work, y'all.  Maybe I'll eat a salad tomorrow with Denise...


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