Sep 1, 2009

Weird Bay Cities Sub And Chew Tastings

Weird dinner. We had two very successful meatball subs from Bay Cities not too long ago and were ready for a repeat performance. I decided to take advantage of their online ordering system, and it asked me if I wanted "the works" on my meatball sub. I stupidly assumed this meant cheese or something.

Well, it did have cheese. It also had tomato, lettuce, pickles, roasted peppers, onions, lettuce, mustard and (I think) mayonnaise. Super ew. I scraped most of it off but did not enjoy the sub the way I wanted to. Bummed, but I guess I learned my "the works" lesson.

For dessert I sampled my Choconutty and Lemonutty chews. I'm so happy with these and I'm inventing new flavors as I type this. Pumpkin, cashew, pecan, mint, cherry, to bake! Not really, I'm probably going to watch Intervention with husband. But tomorrow, will bake!

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