Sep 15, 2009

Some Meals


Above is what I've been feeding husband...buffalo hot dogs and homemade baked beans (yummy mix of pinto, black and garbanzo beans with onion, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, a touch of maple syrup and a smear of bacon drippings...oh yes), tilapia with black beans and curried pureed veggies and a big old bison burger with tots.  No husband's going hungry on my watch.

Below is what I've been eating...

 ...lots of blurry cookies, yogurt love and Luna bars.  Don't worry, I'm still eating giant bowls of green beans and broccoli, and I get my cheese on, too.  Just haven't been so loyal at the picture taking as I've been preoccupied with my baking life.
Speaking of which, loving my newest experiment; pecanutty chews, made with homemade raw pecan butter.  Coming up!

Tuesday workout:  YogaGlo with Jo.  Freaking hard class!


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