Sep 15, 2009

Pecanutty Chew Cookie

Made my first homemade nut butter today.  So. Excited.  Yes, this excites me.  This is my "fun".  So there, now you know and now I know what to say when people ask me what I do for "fun".  Make nut butter!
Have I mentioned that I LOVE The Ninja?  That's my chopper you see above.  I helped style food for the infomercial and I must tell you that between Green Monsters and nut butters, I use this thing almost everyday.  The thing I love most about it is you can take the blades out and you can store the food you made right in the same container.  Less dishes equals happier Mandy.  Every time.

I used 2 cups of raw pecans, which netted me 1 cup of soft, warm pecan butter that smelled faintly of maple and autumn leaves.  Yup, in love am I.

I mixed this into my cookie dough, along with agave nectar, a bit of gluten free flour and a generous dash of cinnamon.

Rockin'.  A touch softer and more delicate than my cashew butter cookies, this cookie base is completely delicious on its own, HOWEVER, I am daydreaming about some clove, nutmeg and perhaps a bit of roasted yam a pumpkin pie filling cookie!
The best part?  These babies come in at 62 calories each.


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