Sep 30, 2009

Mama's Feeling Better

Thank you for letting me vent yesterday.  Growing pains, y'all.  I believe in this cookie business more than I've ever believed in anything, and it's so damn scary to see a vision so clearly and see the path and not know what/how/when/if it will work out.  Faith.

I'm alive, that's for darn sure.  And there aren't enough hours in the day.

Apparantly, there is also not enough Rocky Road ice cream...

I'm working so much and, you know, I wanna eat what I wanna eat!  At least the Larabar has some nutrition.


Crushed peanut butter Larabar with 1 cup of Rocky Road.  Bliss.  You will be relieved to know my dinner did not involve ice cream.  And I'm hoping to go to Akasha next week, which will mix up my flavor profiles, for shiz.


Husband got a green monster.  It's the way healthier version of my lunch.


Chocolate ice cream derivative.

Wednesday workout:  40 minutes on the elliptical, listening to The Story.  Nerdy.


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