Sep 18, 2009

Husband Meals

So sorry I have been MIA.  Between trying to get the house settled (latest was our poor handyman getting glass embedded in his arms as our shower door exploded in his hands), getting my cookie biz off the ground and husband pushing through a NEVER ENDING project...I'm mighty distracted.  When both husband and wife work from home, it can get sticky, and right now we're swimming in sap.

I'm still feeding him, though, as you can see.  Lots of grilled cheese melts with heirloom tomato and organic turkey, tuna salad and of course, crispy chicken.  He even got sweet potato fries last night when I left him to go to a Raw Curious Salon, which was great and I plan to get my hands on Rod's new book, Raw Food For Real People and start cooking (oops, not cooking) from it.  I was so excited when I opened the book and saw a recipe for nut milk!  And it's crazy easy.  That alone is worth the cost of the book.  Besides that, Rod is really cool, down to earth and even sampled one of my vegan (but not raw) cookies.  Honored!

Workouts this week:

Friday:  40 minutes sweaty elliptical at the gym
Thursday: 4 mile sweaty run in the smoggy heat of HelLA
Wednesday: 40 minutes sweaty elliptical at the gym (I do more cardio when I'm feeling nervous)
Tuesday:  60 minute YogaGlo session with Jo
Monday:  Can't remember, but I probably posted about it...

I'm delirious, y'all.  Think I'm nervous for my big cookie debut tomorrow in Hollywood.  So nervous that I ate wedding cake for dinner (too ashamed to take a picture, it was as big as my face).  God bless me.


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