Sep 5, 2009

Friday Night: Leftovers and a Marriage Moment

Husband had leftover curried crispy chicken, sauteed apples and steamed veggies.

Mine: roasted veggies, cheese, nuts, two "nutty chews" and mashed frozen strawberries with a touch of stevia.

So husband has been working long and hard and it's been all consuming. This means the move has been largely on me. I reached my breaking point last night as the few tasks he was in charge of were not done. It's a delicate balance in a marriage; feeling like you're pulling your weight vs. being a martyr or a doormat.

We had a great talk and it's all cool and of course he pulled off his tasks at the 11th hour (including hiring movers less than 24 hours before our move, on Labor Day weekend...which will encourage this behavior in the future). I'm not complaining at all, I see his strengths and mine as well as both of our weaknesses and how we trigger both in each other. And isn't that the point of marriage anyway?

Will let you know how the move goes...

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