Sep 5, 2009

Cashewnutty Cookies and My Favorite Boys

Today's cookie: Cashewnutty. Simple and delicious.

First time out of the gate! This is the first time I haven't felt the need to adjust the recipe. Amazing. The flavor from the cashew butter is rich but not overly nutty. Can't wait to dress it up in other versions. Thinking about cinnamon, or ginger, maybe a touch of nutmeg...

The boys playing video games. Just hearing the bad music loop alone brought back vivid memories of high school. My girlfriends and I would make it our life's goal to find "the guys" and when we finally found them, they would play video games and completely ignore us and we would pretend to be interested just so we could hang out with them. Clearly, we needed a hobby.

Saturday workout: 3 mile run (lots of nervous energy and the weather finally cooled a bit. And I wore my big sunglasses again.)

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