Sep 19, 2009

Exercise Instead Of Drugs

I just read this article about a woman with major depression who found the best remedy for her was walking (and later, running). I related so much to her story that I wanted to share...

I have struggled with sadness, anxiety, hypersensitivity, low grade depression, whatever you want to label it, for as long as I can remember. I have also been blessed with the instinct to move my body and have always felt relief as a result.

I think the greatest bond I have with my father is our "walks", which we have taken since I could walk. Like me, my dad can walk forever and not get tired.  And loves it.  He took me on walks after midnight when I watched horror movies and could not sleep for fear that my Ouija Board was going to possess me. He took me for a swim in the middle of a birthday dinner that was overwhelming to me because, well, it was my birthday and people were singing to me and asking if I was enjoying my birthday dinner.  I'll never forget escaping the dinner table and jumping in the lake.  When I came up for air and had my hands rested on the wooden dock, my dad was just standing there, smiling at me the kind of smile that made me believe that maybe I wasn't such a freak.  No one that freaky could illicit a smile that genuine.

Walking and running for me provide relief, clarity, perspective and inspiration.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Wellbutrin sure as hell didn't do that.  Ever.

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  1. I needed this - thanks. Now I feel like I'm not so alone in my anxiety and that YES, I will get through this. Now I'm going to dust off my sneakers.

    Love the story about the lake and your dad, thanks for sharing that. beautiful.

  2. Sometimes we need a little distance.
    I am glad I wqs there when you needed me.
    Hope I will always be.
    Love, Dad