Aug 31, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Husband's dinner last night: curried "crispy chicken", tater tots and steamed, buttered veggies. So hot in our apartment, this was the best I could do after baking 3 batches of cookies and packing.

Mine: cucumber, broccoli, nuts, a sampling of my batches, and some frozen strawberries I whipped in my Ninja. Love my Ninja.

So, I need help to not get overwhelmed this week. Here is what it looks like:

Tuesday: painters arrive at new place, 8:30am. We have to choose 3 colors, one for the bedroom, one for the office and one for the living room. This may take several trips to the paint store.

Thursday: painters arrive at our current place to paint back our office, which looks like a smurf exploded. We have to find somewhere to put our 4 computers, queen futon, filing cabinets and other crap. Did I mention it's been 90 degrees here for the last 5 days? And we have no air conditioning because you are not supposed to need air conditioning in Santa Monica?

Friday: deadline to send a link to my cookie website to the art gallery where I will make my cookie debut on September 19. So somehow between now and then I need to figure out how to add copy, modify copy, take photos of my cookies, upload said photos, and list pricing. And I have a doctor's appointment at 8:45am. And a client meeting at 1:30pm.

Also this week, I have regular client work. And I need to pack the apartment.

Woah, long tangent. Thanks for listening.

My frozen strawberry concoction. I added a tiny bit of stevia. Yum. Homemade sorbet. 2 cups. 100 calories.

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