Aug 10, 2009

Monday Lunch: We Signed A New Lease!

Actually, the burger was before the lease signing, which was at four. But we had decided to sign the lease and I had run out to mail AND hand deliver copies of our official 30 day notice for our existing apartment (our management company is THAT bad, we wanted to cover our bases). It was funny because said management company called about 20 minutes before we were to sign on our new place, and they asked if there was anything they could do to persuade us to stay. Husband wanted to say "yeah, why don't you fire yourself and hire a management company that actually gives a shit, and we'll think about staying". Yeah...we didn't say that.

Husband got Carl's Jr. for lunch: a double bacon western cheeseburger and criss cut fries.

Mine: bowl of yogurt love, cucumbers and a white chocolate macadamia Luna bar. Yeah, bars are out of control...

Monday workout: 3 mile walk/run (not full of energy due to apartment obsessing at 3am)

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