Aug 26, 2009

Huckleberry Cafe Lunch with Elvia

So lovely. Huckleberry Cafe has some characteristics I normally find unappealing: long lines, noisy, waiting for tables to clear with drinks in hand, very close proximity to other diners...however, I had a great lunch and somehow wasn't bothered by any of this. Either I'm zenning out in my old age, or it was the perfect company (Elvia, my culinary school comrade), or the thoughtfully prepared and executed dishes (not to mention the AMAZING baked goods which she and I managed to avoid). Can't wait to go back, actually.

Above is Elvia's quinoa, corn and hericot verts salad. Nice, light, crisp veggies and soft quinoa. She shared.

My warm goat cheese salad. I tried to share but Elvia is not a goat cheese fan (love/hate item is the goat cheese, yes?). Salad was nicely dressed with a sherry vinaigrette and the baguette was nicely toasted and drizzled with olive oil.

Elvia's turkey meatballs. We were both impressed with the great turkey flavor and the soft moistness. Not easy to do with lean turkey, and they were not greasy (some places cheat with turkey meatballs and fry them in butter). She shared.

We talked about budding businesses and shared anxieties. Such an exciting time, must learn to embrace the mystery is the message I came away with. Hope we do it again very soon!

Wednesday workout: Yogaglo with Jo. Harder today than usual for some reason. Muscles felt cranky.

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