Aug 30, 2009

Friday Late Night Food Adventure (Gross)

After dinner, I was hungry. I have no idea why; I had eaten the exact same amount of food I normally eat and am perfectly satisfied by. Not tonight.

I wanted to dive into some frozen wedding cake (I only had one bite at my wedding. Not one piece, one bite. I wasn't eating sugar then. Silly me.). Husband said we should eat the cake together, and he didn't feel like eating wedding cake, and I should wait. Fine. I made low fat ramen noodles instead. Why? I have no idea. They didn't even taste like food.

So after I'm done with my ramen, and now I guess I'm full but completely unsatisfied, husband says, let's go to McDonalds! I'm in (very) rare form, so I'm like, let's go! Here we are in line at the drive-thru. It's 11pm, we should be sleeping. Instead, we are having a second dinner, one that guarantees no nutritional value. This is high adventure for me.

The bag. I kind of felt like I used to feel when I snuck out as a teenager. Naughty, giddy and guilty.

My medium fries. Yeah, not worth it.

My hot fudge sundae. This WAS worth it. Yummy high fructose corn syrup. Thanks, Ronald! I was so self involved in my compulsive eating, I didn't take a picture of husband's quarter pounder with cheese, "chicken" mcnuggets, fries or large root beer. Yeah, we didn't eat until 5pm the next day.

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