Aug 8, 2009

Dinner With Friends (At Our Potential New Home)

Yummy! Yesterday we had our first "movie night" with our friends and neighbors, Carl and Elysia, and our dear friend, Marnie. We have been talking about doing this since husband and I moved into the building, almost two years ago.

What is funny about the timing is that earlier in the day we filled out an application to rent C&E's unit (they just bought a house). So we were having dinner in what could be our new home. Bizarre. We have a lot to consider, or rather I have a lot to consider. We would be gaining another bathroom, laundry in the unit (no more quarters!) and a front patio. The kitchen, however, is tiny and that is giving me a bit of a heart attack...

Back to the food. C&E prepared a middle eastern feast, including grilled chicken and lamb kebabs, marinated artichokes, lentil and wheatberries with parsnips and onions, lovely yogurt cucumber sauce, hummus and pita. Gorgeous!

The meat was cooked perfectly. Need a grilling lesson from Carl.

Husband and I didn't make it to the movie portion of movie night. We needed to be up at 4:45am on Saturday to drive to a family triathlon (I will be participating in the run). We were both so anxious about the apartment situation, we woke up at 3:00am. I am writing this post at 4:22am actually, and need to get ready to go. Have headache. Perfect. Will let you know how it all goes down...

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