Aug 9, 2009

Courtyard Dinner

This is our second annual courtyard dinner and it was just as lovely. Husband and I wished for friendly neighbors for many years (I personally never thought it would happen, based on my LA prejudice). When we moved to our building, we had no expectations, and we ended up with the nicest bunch of neighbors! They're the move your car while your gone, take in the mail, borrow a cup of sugar, come up on the porch for a glass of wine at the end of the week friendly. I mean, we like each other enough to have courtyard dinners! This is amazing to me.

Above is some delicious caprese salad.

My plate: turkey burger (split with husband), buffalo hot dog (these are AMAZING-run, do not walk to Whole Foods and get you some-I split this with husband), lasagna, tamale pie, and baked beans. Everything was excellent.

I brought a batch of "raw truffles". They were a hit.

Yeah, we like wine.

Telling stories of 1301 Franklin Street. Looks like we'll be moving into the thick of things. With a lovely view of the courtyard.

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