Jul 15, 2009

Wednesday Lunch For The Working At Home Couple

My bowl of love: Greek yogurt, strawberries, peanut butter Puffins and granola. So good I had to take a nap.

Husband's grilled cheese stuffed with roast beef and mustard. Served with cucumber and honey dijon chips.

Wednesday workout: 4 mile run with husband.

We are kinda fighting at the moment. Well, not really fighting, but we are having a "sticking point" with me making (or not making) his lunches as well as his dinners, and him doing (or not doing) the dishes. Ugh. This is what happens when we both work from home. Time to hire a housekeeper! Or rent an office...


  1. i subscribe to the belief that if she cooks, she shall not clean! however, my husband does not subscribe to the same belief... so i end up cleaning about 80 percent of the time. crazy men. i wish there was a man charm school sometimes. :)

  2. Greek yogurt is one of my favorite things ever! That sandwich looks yummy, too.