Jul 5, 2009

Thursday Dinner: Thai Dishes

Sometimes I get a pad thai craving and I gotta have it. Now, I know I've had super tasty pad thai but I can't remember where or when. Every time I order it I'm disappointed. Above is husband's stuffed chicken app thing. He said it was pretty good but he didn't finish it so I'm not convinced.

He also ordered honey ribs, which were finished.

Won ton soup for the not quite so healthy girl. The cilantro in it weirded me out and the chicken in the won tons was super try. Will not repeat.

Pad thai. It was too sweet and had big 2 inch chunks of undercooked green onion that was both stringy and bitter. Ugh. You know, I'm so under confident in my cooking skills because I only took a 6 month culinary course and then I eat crap food from most restaurants. I KNOW I could do better. Simple as that.

Thursday workout: 45 minutes cardio at the gym (elliptical and step mill)

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