Jul 2, 2009

Sunday Lunch: There's Those Blisscuits Again...

Oh my word I'm a bad bad blogger girl. I am so sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I got the weirdest, most severe allergy attack/cold thing and I simply had too much that I had AND wanted to do that I told said allergy/cold to f**k off and went about my business. This meant that I worked and slept and that's about it. I did manage to take a few photos and will attempt to catch you up now.

You will notice that the ritual meal has been missing quite often of late. I am very happy and excited about this. Above was my Sunday lunch: roasted green beans, two blisscuits and a huge bowl of lightly salted canteloupe. A nation of yum.

Husband had leftover meatballs, sausage and peppers and polenta. We spent the afternoon being domestic: storing our winter clothes, inputting our finances and shopping for bedside tables. Sexy.

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