Jun 2, 2009

The Proposal Movie Premiere

Denise has a wonderful neighbor, Jasmine, who handles publicity for Disney and invited Denise to the premiere of The Proposal. In turn, Denise invited Mandy and husband, and off we went to stargaze, eat our free bucket of popcorn and view a romantic comedy that, in fact, WAS sweet, touching and funny!

Our first red carpet. Hmmm, too comfortable to be tourists, too old to be actor wannabes, too married to be cruising...I decided to pretend we were documentary filmmakers doing research on the culture of the red carpet.

Yep, there's Ryan. This was the first of several sightings, including him brushing Mandy's shoulder at the Roosevelt during the dessert reception. It was shocking to the newbies (that would be Mandy and husband) that all of the cast, including Sandra Bullock, were just standing around us mere mortals, breathing the same air. It was a gawk fest, for sure.

Sandra on the red carpet. How fabulous did she look? Very. We love the fact that she is 44 with a lineless face and a cellulite free body; it keeps Mandy's body dysmorphia intact.

Husband enjoying some wedding cake at the dessert reception. We also tried some amazing Japanese pastry, fruit tarts and carrot cake. Oink. Yes, I totally consumed flour and sugar and am feeling just fine.

Other star sightings included Elizabeth Banks and Adam Shankman who is a guest judge on the best show that existed ever on television (according to Cindie and Mandy), So You Think You Can Dance?

Thank you, Denise, for the amazing evening. Husband is in love with you.

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