Jun 11, 2009

My First Green Monster

I know I titled a recent blog post "My First Green Monster", but I didn't actually consume that one. So I ingested my first green monster today and thus, I have a calorie count for those of you who wanna know.

Here's my Green Monster contents:

1/2 frozen banana
1 cup frozen cherries
1 Tablespoon cashew butter
1 Tablespoon vanilla rice protein powder
2/3 cup oat milk
3 cups organic spinach

Okay, first of all it was deliciously bizarre that this tastes like a chocolate shake! It's cold and thick and creamy and sweet and...chocolatey. No way.

It was so rich and sweet, I couldn't finish it. This was my lunch and it was 450 calories.

For my next smoothie, I'm going to use chocolate soy milk, omit most of the cherries and add some peanut butter Puffins at the very end. It's like a healthy, organic Dairy Queen Blizzard! So excited.

1 comment:

  1. to make them low cal, you could just use fruit and greens. like orange+banana+spinach (with a little water and ice if needed).

    of course, they don't taste super rich and creamy like a blizzard, but sometimes they remind me of orange julius. :)