Jun 2, 2009

Culinary School: Yeast Breads

We made pizza dough and thus, pizza. It was alright, which was sort of the theme of the day. They want to teach us the basics which we are supposed to master so we can make harder, tastier dishes I suppose.

Here's another pizza we did. This one was topped with chili flakes spiked olive oil, sliced garlic and Parmesan cheese. It was spicy and crunchy, like a big, spicy cracker.

Boards of bread: caramel pecan sticky buns, white bread, and cinnamon swirl bread. All were made from the same white bread base. White bread is freaking good; like childhood on a plate. I didn't even taste a sticky bun because my off button for bread barely works as it is. The cinnamon swirl bread was money.

Challah. Elvia and I made it, Chef Carol shaped it. It turned out great and was super easy. Would make an awesome gift. Must remember that...

Whole wheat walnut loaf. It was good, all of it was good. We also made wheat clover rolls (not pictured). It was fun having bread for lunch. We're going to do it again next week!

Tuesday workout: 3 mile run

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  1. I'd say you did a great job , the pizza looks so yummy and the bread also!