May 1, 2009


I wanted something sexy for dinner, so here's my small cheese pizza from Earth, Wind and Flour. The sauce and crust is forgettable, but they get it right with their blend of cheeses. I tried the whole wheat crust, which was a bit better than the regular. It had some illusion of flavor.

Husband's spinach salad. He pretty much just ate the avocado.

Husband's chicken ravioli. Nice choice for him; no cheese involved, which makes him snore real bad.

I'll have to try to run off the pizza tomorrow, but it was worth it. All those carbs have me feeling quite relaxed, even after watching Blindness. Geez, that was an experience. I do recommend it, but it's not the easiest thing to watch.


  1. nice pizza save me a slice , thanks!

  2. Thanks, my lovelies. It was quite good. Am ready for more, especially while watching NBA playoffs. xoxo