Apr 18, 2009

Teaching Austin About Salty And Sweet

At the tail end of our third Food Vs. Food, Austin was complaining that the Wendy's Frosty was too, um, frosty. I suggested he dip one of the In-N-Out fries (they were not all gobbled up as they were markedly less tasty than Wendy's fries, apparently) into the Frosty to warm it up, plus the salty of the fry and the sweet of the Frosty would be, um, sweet.

I thought he would give me that very special and unique 13 year-old stare, but instead he immediately complied...

...and was instantly...

...smitten. Next up: bacon and chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. my taste buds have never learned to like salty and sweet co-mingling. maybe they aren't complex enough... but i know several people who love this. teach away.