Apr 29, 2009

Sickboy Lunch

Husband is "sick". I try to believe him, but it's hard when his symptoms cannot be seen with the naked eye. He feels achy and dizzy and has a scratchy throat...I think he just wants some time away from work, which he richly deserves.

So he gets in bed and watches movies and I feed him twice a day instead of once (I would stay home, too). For lunch he had tomato soup, tofu cheese with rye crisps and toasted "fitness bread" with melted tofu cheddar and a tiny bit of butter.


  1. oh i think all he wants is cuddles from you .....go on and spoil him , i'm sure he deserves it !

  2. You are so right, Mary. Just fed him some lunch in bed. Nevermind it was Raisin Bran with rice milk! xoxo