Apr 17, 2009

Princess Cake A Mama Made

I had to share this. I found an elementary school friend, Heather, on Facebook (where else do you find anyone anymore?) and was flooded with a very vivid memory.

Heather had about 6 girls over for a slumber party and we spent the entire night scaring the crap out of each other with the Ouija board. The weirdest part was that her older brother, Bud, briefly joined us during our marathon seance and the board promptly told him he would die. The next day, he got into a car accident. He was fine, in fact, I could have made that whole part of the story up in my head and it never happened (help me out, Heather)...I wouldn't be surprised. I'll have to ask Heather.

Regardless, it was a super exciting slumber party and I'm so happy to have reconnected with Heather, who is clearly a wonderful mother who baked and decorated a princess cake on a Friday night.

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  1. very nice , i love your cake so high and delicious, i remember my slumber parties , they're alot of fun !!