Apr 13, 2009

Casablanca in Venice: Yum!

Our dear friend, Julian, and his lovely lady, Jen, invited us to a housewarming party over the weekend.  Don't you love it when your friends have really cool friends?  Everyone I met was kind and open, which is comforting for this party-phobe.  We stayed until 7pm and were starved for Mexican and they promptly suggested Casablanca.  We have driven by this place thousands of times and never thought to go in (it looks a bit shabby from the outside).  They joined us for what ended up being a very good meal.

This salsa was excellent.  It was not very spicy, redolent with garlic and fresh cilantro with little nubs of fresh cheese floating around.  I could have eaten it with a spoon.

This is Jen's Calamar Criollo, which was amazing.  Lightly breaded calamari topped with tender vegetables, tomato sauce and melted cheese.  If I weren't allergic to shellfish, I would have been all over this.  The bite I had was heavenly.

My "Sam" burrito.  A typical chicken burrito, made better with a homemade tortilla and really excellent beans.  Ultimate comfort meal.

Julian's carne asada with a chile relleno.  I did not try, but husband could not stop talking about it.  He said his chicken enchiladas were just okay, but both Julian and Jen's dishes were extraordinary.  Next time, we'll have what they're having!

Saturday workout:  7am, 90 minute power yoga class 

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