Mar 14, 2009

Food vs. Food Challenge #1: Dominoes vs. Pizza Hut

My brilliant husband and my brillianter stepson came up with Food vs. Food.  We have vowed to, at least monthly, taste test two big brand name, crappy food chains and share our results with the world.  We plan to shoot video in the future, so stay tuned!
Our first challenge food was pepperoni pizza:  Dominoes vs. Pizza Hut.  I idiotically forgot my camera but did have the laptop with a web cam, hence the odd pictures of boxes and us eating, but no money shots of the actual food.  It looked like pepperoni pizza.
Side by side (we ordered Pizza Hut on location, called Dominoes while waiting for Pizza Hut, placed our order with Dominoes and sped with the Pizza Hut pie to Dominoes where we demolished both in about 10 minutes.  Consciously, of course).

The Results:
Pizza Hut wailed on Dominoes, although I grew up with Dominoes and that brought back memories of disappointment.  I remember craving pizza, ordering from Dominoes, and then being like, oh, is that all?  Everything was soft; the dough, the sauce and the cheese so it felt like one big goo ball in my mouth.  And the crust tastes like NOTHING, as does the cheese.
Pizza Hut was nothing to get excited by either, but the crust had a bit of sweetness and crunch to it.  The sauce was also marginally better and the cheese tasted like nothing.  Pepperoni on both were fine; thin and kind of crunchy.

Winner:  Pizza Hut

"Upon first glance, Dominoes looked tastier and more appealing.  The first bite, however, goes to Pizza Hut.  The first bite of Dominoes was a little bitter.  I finished the Pizza Hut slice first but it didn't taste as good as I remember.  Next I sampled the Dominoes slice and was a little impressed.  There was something about the softness of Dominoes dough that was very appealing.  In the final analysis, it came down to taste.  Pizza Hut's dough was more flavorful and crispier, while Dominoes' was basically flavorless.  Honestly, they both tasted pretty similar and neither was remarkable."

Winner:  Pizza Hut

Austin (sent via text):
“The initial (bite) goes to Pizza Hut. The first pepperoni was crispy and slightly burnt. They were a lot bigger than the Dominoes. But the full slice goes to Dominoes. As the Pizza Hut went on, the cheese wasn’t flavorful enough and the crispy turned into burns. The Dominoes sauce was tastyer, but the crust was bland but fluffy. I did choose Dominoes because I do like the texture of food more than the taste. Even though Pizza Hut tasted better, Dominoes was really melty, soft and greasy.”

Winner:  Dominoes

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  1. I think you need to taste test at various Domino's and Pizza Huts because not all serve the same product across the country. As we all know products are only as good as whoever is running that store. The same goes for any franchise rather it be Wendy's or Burger King. Also, you need to try different products within each store to make it a real taste test. Good luck on future tastes !