Feb 22, 2009

Sunday Chicken

Buffalo wing spiced chicken thighs WITH skin, thank you very much.  And chips.  And veggies.  And sweet tea (stevia sweetened).  Husband has to eat this chicken shirtless.  He cannot be trusted with chicken grease.  We could buy stock in Whisk StainStick.

Mine:  cucumber, broccoli, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.  I think my body does not have to metabolize this meal any longer and that is why I'm gaining weight.  Maybe that will learn me to have some variety.  Not yet, apparently.

In other news, I have baby fever.  I was at a business breakfast this morning (I wanted to take pictures of their food, but worried they would think it strange) and there were many a baby enjoying pancakes.  It was all I could do not to lift them from their highchairs and snuggle their big cheeks while I smelled their baby hair.  I restrained, but it was not easy.

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