Feb 25, 2009

Leftover pasta bake and sauteed mango and apples

Husband needed something sweet, so this is what he got:  apples (notice the very small dice, I was practicing after my very first day of culinary school...I must tell you that using a knife in the proper way makes me feel like I'm going to cut the tips of my fingers off) and mango with a bit of butter, cinnamon and vanilla, bubbling in a small pot until gooey.

Pasta bake leftover from Oscars.  Yum cheesy.  

So, culinary school.  Very excited.  Class is small, 12 students.   1 main instructor and 1 assistant instructor.  One cool thing is that they are very green and all about organic and sustainable product, so we're cooking (and eating) the best food possible, which surprised and impressed me.

Do we think I'm going to be a professional cook of some sort someday?

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