Jan 1, 2009

Mexican Feast in Ohio (really)

So good! This is a local, casual family owned place that is tasty tasty! I had a wet chicken burrito. The chicken was lean and seasoned well. The beans were smooth and creamy. The red sauce was a bit spicy, tomatoey and lovely. Craveable.

Husband's combo enchilada and burrito plate. It was gone in less than ten minutes. Then he was sad it was over.

Aunt Sharyn's chicken quesadilla. Yes, she likes it plain. Yes, she likes salt (just like me).

Mom's fajitas. This was the only dish that did not look super fresh to me. She threw it all up about five hours later. I don't think it was food poisoning, she had her gall bladder taken out a few years ago and if she lets herself get too hungry and then eats a bit too much, it's not a good scene. Poor mama. She won't be wanting Mexican for awhile.

Husband's peach virgin margarita. With whipped cream. So wrong it's right.

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