Jan 13, 2009

Apple banana raisin crumbler, a fight and $55 water bottle

Apple banana raisin crumbler. See instructions below.

Turkey loaf, veggies and chips.

Mine: Persian cucumber, green beans, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.
I went to Whole Foods today to get my client some organic romaine lettuce and glucosamine juice (I know...and it was in Beverly Hills just to make it a little bit more ridiculous). I decided to pick up some low sugar granola so husband could enjoy some "crumbler" (basically any fruit with some cinnamon and butter topped with said granola and baked at 350 until golden and bubbly). What I got was sooooooo healthy I had to put some honey in it to make it edible, which kind of defeats the low sugar concept, but a man's gotta enjoy his freaking food (even in LA).

As I approached the counter I noticed these lovely aluminum reusable water bottles that had no price tags (how expensive could they be?). I picked up two and checked out without price checking like the big, strange hormonal mess that I am.

We are now the proud owners of two aluminum bottles for the bargain price of 55 dollars.

Then I made some calls to discuss my career (or lack thereof) and I will simply say I felt worse after the calls then I did before the calls. When I told husband he just sat there, smiling at me.

I asked if his pleading the fifth was his way of saying he doesn't agree with me to which he replied...I don't even remember. Basically I have to learn that being supported by my husband doesn't necessarily mean he agrees with my choices. And being a raging people pleaser, this fact is kinda torturous.

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