Dec 1, 2008

Las Casuelas

For our last night in Palm Springs, sister-in-law Angie and I saw Australia, while husband and her two boys, Grant and Gannon, saw Bolt in 3-D. Everyone was happy. We headed to husband's fav childhood Mexican restaurant, Las Casuelas, and were underwhelmed.

I had the chicken burrito served enchilada style (wet and saucy) and it was alright, but kinda bland and, bland. Sister Angie and bro-in-law Jeff remarked on how the margaritas did not taste happy and Gannon's chicken taquito had too much chicken in it (Gannon's not an easy eater).
The salsa kicked butt. I ate this entire bowlful with a spoon. Must have needed lycopene.

1 comment:

  1. my body craves lycopene all the time. usually that special kind you can only get at el maguey (you have to visit kc to know that lycopene goodness). :)

    ps - i love this... anytime i want mexican now, i'm just going to tell the husband that i want mass quantities of lycopene.